Hi, I’m Andy Eunson

Here’s the core idea: you can learn anything with the right mindset and energy.

My passion is tackling the high value opportunities and figuring out how to reduce risk and increase the likelihood of success. One critical challenge is finding a good read on value. How do you define what’s important and how much value things have comparatively.

Over the past 2 years at Microsoft I’ve worked in the nexus of Digital Business Transformation. I’ve had the incredible opportunity to explore how societal & economic pressures along with technology advancements are changing how the world perceives and demands value. Its a wild and untamed space full of challenges and learning opportunities.

For me personally I’ve explored new markets, new industries, new business models, new applications of technology fueled business and new ways of working.

School was designed to teach us how to rapidly learn and apply our knowledge in some concrete manner. Learning shouldn’t stop when you stop attending school. We need a way to perpetually learn. I use those principles and a honed set of skills to hack learning throughout my life.

My goal here is to share what I’m hacking, how & what I’ve learned and pick up some partners along the way.