What’s the value of an experience?

What's the value of an experience?

We’ve given gifts for Christmas for many years. I don’t feel that I’m able to find those perfect gifts that thrill people AND have ongoing thrill or utility. I guess as we get older utility and thrill become somewhat inversely related.

I heard on the radio that many people can’t remember what they got the year earlier. I admit I could not remember that I got a camera last year and set out to make a change.

This year we decided to give experiences. We wonder if gifted experiences can create richer and longer lasting memories.

We gave my daughter the gift of visiting an almost distant city. She and her boyfriend have been exploring nearby cities through camping and day trips and love to just experience other places together.

Our two sons are each going snowboarding (new ski area) and skydiving. The hope is that they find a new hobby/sport that they pursue or continue looking.

We took close family friends to their favorite play they like to enjoy on Christmas Eve. I’m still smiling about the show. They’ve talked fondly of the show for years and hope this year made the memorable set.

Our belief is “doing something” is more memorable than “getting some thing”. I also believe the anticipation of an upcoming event weeks or months away can build up intrigue and excitement and create a memory that lasts for many years.

For Tina and I? I got a concert and roadtrip to see an artist I’ve loved for years. I didn’t even know he was touring again. I’m listening to his music this morning as i write this. So you could say its already had a big impact. Tina got a winter roadtrip to get away for a couple of days to snowmobile, dog sled and spa in another country.

I’ll have to check in later on the results but the initial impressions from everyone’s faces implies it was a hit.