Why can’t I use VisualComposer with the Newspaper theme?


Visual-Composer-for-WordPressThe Newspaper theme ships with a licensed version of VisualComposer. Its included in the zip file you download from Envato’s ThemeForest. If your VisualComposer isn’t working with the Newspaper theme do the following.

  • Deactivate and uninstall both Newspaper and VisualComposer
  • Get the latest Newspaper download. Note: you’ll download a zip file that contains documentation, plugsin and the ‘theme installable zip file’ (i.e. a zip file inside the zip file).
  • Upload the theme by uploading the “installable zip file” (see this)
  • Upload VisualComposer via the zip file found inside the “plugins” folder from the downloadable zip.
  • configure everything

Ask me questions, I’ll clarify. Just went through it and wanted to get it down.